Samuel Smith's Organic Ale

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Samuel Smith


Storbritannien, Yorkshire

Skapades 2007-09-15
av iglaset
History: Samuel Smith's Organic Ale is reminiscent of the early 20th century brews not only in the brewing process and flavor, but label design as well. Certified organic by the USDA-accredited California Certified Organic Farmers - a copy of the certification letter can be viewed here.
Taste: A delicately flavored golden ale in which subtle fruity esters from the Samuel Smith yeast strain interact with a background of maltiness and fresh hops.
Serving suggestions: Dungeness crab salad, free range herbed chicken, hummus, smoked salmon and masala. Serve in traditional Samuel Smith nonik.
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Ronny T
ungefär 12 år sedan (2007-09-15 20:33)
En mycket fruktig o god ale