Gosset Celebris Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut

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Chardonnay: 100 %
11 premiers & grands crus
Blend: 1999 – 1998 – 1996 – 1995
Dosage: 3,5 g/L

Visual Observations:
Colour and Aspect: Concentrated, luminous, pale golden hue dappled with intense, fleeting flickers of green.
Sparkle: A rushing torrent of bustling, lively effervescence made up of a surge of tiny, lively, alacritous bubbles.
Stream of bubbles: A substantial, complete and marvellously constant stream of bubbles.

First impressions: Expressive, very complex and distinguished, characterised by extraordinary purity, diversity and maturity of aroma. The bouquet begins with languorous wisps of elegant, flowery and fruity scents: hawthorn, dog rose, nettle, freesia and elderflower in full bloom, and pungent tropical fruit: apricot, pineapple, peaches, mango and passion fruit.
After swirling: Refined, tempting scents of warm pastry: brioche, soft dough bread and buns backed up by the milky scent of fresh butter spread on a slice, blend easily with hints of herbal tea such as verbena and lime-blossom and balsamic duo of gentle floral scents: acacia honey and beeswax.
After swirling and when the wine has lost its first chill: When the wine has warmed up ever so slightly, discreet, spicy notes of crushed cinnamon creep in to enliven the bouquet. They are sweet at first, then warm, a little hot even, evocative of cloves and pepper.

First impressions: Full, concentrated and almost voluptuous, the flavours are remarkably structured, rich and creamy, showing marvellous balance between succulence and lively acidity, with fruity flavours of sugar-encrusted candied pineapple and orange or of dried fruit such as apricot and fig linked by smooth, honeyed and delicately spicy aromas.
Body: All refined freshness and light, ably seconded by a creamy, perky sparkle whilst the attractive balsamic and decidedly spicily-sweet scent of sandalwood bursts onto the palate to join superb smoky aromas of crème brulée and lightly roasted pralines.
Aftertaste: Long, persistent finish reinforced by moderate acidity that marries adroitly with extremely volatile hints of toast and the sweet flavour of preserved citron fruit.

Food Matches:
Refined, flavoursome and infinitely sensuous, the highly individual “Cuvée CELEBRIS Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut” charms with its complex aromatic profile, dares to be different and flaunts its elegance and finesse, its purity and harmony. It will complement an infinite number of dishes. It can be enjoyed with close friends, before dinner or sipped throughout a very special meal with people who appreciate fine food as a tribute to the delights of fine dining in good company. Try it with a galantine of chicken or a flaky pastry tartlet filled with tiny chanterelle mushrooms, little darioles of citrus-spiked spider crab or a crayfish flan, a thick fillet of plaice with chive cream or brill with either fennel or mango and grapefruit, veal tendrons with basil or rabbit confit with wild thyme, a verbena soufflé or an apricot tart with a creamy frangipane base. Then there are all the blue cheeses such as gorgonzola, or try it with a hard cheese such as parmesan or pecorino romano.
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