Goose Island Demolition

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Goose Island Beer Company


USA, Chicago

Skapades 2008-10-07
av iglaset
"Back in the early '90's, our landlord went bankrupt and they tore down the mall surrounding the original Goose Island Brewpub. Sure, we were still open, but who would know it with all the demolition going on. We had giant wrecking balls careening around, the walls were shaking... it was tough. We lost a good part of our business for a year, and if not for the most loyal of our customers, Goose Island would have closed. To honor those brave souls, we brewed a golden ale called Demolition. It was so good and so popular, we've brewed it every year since (I even served it at my wedding!) It's brewed with Saaz and Styrian Golding hops for a grassy, citrus aroma and lots of the finest pale malt for a "honey" malt middle and intense flavor. Demolition tastes great on its own or with a plate of fresh oysters." Greg Hall, Brewmaster
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