Augustijn Blond

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Brouwerij Van Steenberge



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Augustijn is a 'living' abbey beer with 8 % alcohol by volume that had been brewed by the Augustinian fathers of Ghent since 1295. In 1982, the recipe and distribution of the beer was taken over by brewery Van Steenberge at which time the flavor was also adjusted. Thanks to the improvements that were made to the existing recipe, you can now enjoy a golden amber-colored beer with a good head. Augustijn has a hoppy flavor with a malty background. The connoisseur may also detect a light fruity vanilla flavor.

Due to the fact that Augustijn, just like the other heavy Van Steenberge beers, undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle or in the keg, the taste becomes more full-bodied and mature the longer the beer evolves. Secondary fermentation is a process that takes place when a small amount of yeast and sugar is added to the beer when packaged into the bottle or keg. These are converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide at a temperature of about 25° C, which is what creates the specific flavor.

Every occasion is a good occasion to enjoy an Augustijn. Augustijn is a beer that is appreciated at all kinds of receptions because of its mild and soft yet rich flavor!
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