Semper Ardens Criollo Stout

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ÖL 6.8%


Carlsberg Denmark



Skapades 2009-04-07
av lasseg
Criollo Stout is the latest in Carlsberg's Semper Ardens range of exclusive hand-brewed beers. The name comes from the Criollo cocoa beans used in the chocolate that is added during the brewing process. Among the malt types used, chocolate malt and caramel malt deliver the lightly burnt, sweet malt aroma together with the black colour. Rye malt contributes and characteristic acidity and taste nuances. Pilsner malt is also used. Criollo Stout is unfiltered. The remaining yeast adds body and a certain dryness in the finish. A small amount of English liquorice is also added and the stout is hopped with a carefully chosen bitter hop together with a Saaz aroma hop.
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