Texels Tripel

ÖL 8.5%
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Texels Tripel (Texel Triple) is a top-fermented cloister beer artisanally brewed according to age-old traditions. The brewer uses only natural ingredients, such as dune-filtered water, malted barley grown on Texel, various kinds of hops and yeast.

Texels Tripel is an unfiltered, bottle-fermented strong pale ale. The small amount of yeast sediment in the bottle not only makes the beer very creamy, it also contains a lot of Vitamin B. Texels Tripel contains 8.5% alcohol.

Texels Tripel is a real bruiser. With its sophisticated hop-derived bitterness, this extraordinary beer will, no doubt, be one of the most intimate pleasures for any genuine beer lover. Texels Tripel is a beer for all seasons and is best served in our elegant goblet at a temperature of 8-10 ºC.
2009-04-17 4