Gouden Carolus Cuvée van de Keizer Blauw/Blue - 2002

1 12 8.0

ÖL 8.5%


Brouwerij Het Anker



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Every year on the 24th of February, we celebrate the birth of Charles the Great. Therefore we brew a special beer in limited edition called ‘Cuvée of the Emperor’. This exceptional beer is a special version of the ‘Golden Carolus Classic’, with an enriched taste pallet and mysterious aromas added. The caramelised malts and its 11% Alc. Vol. give the ‘Cuvée of the Emperor’ the warm roundness of wine together with the refreshing taste of beer. It is imperially crowned with a special cork so it can be preserved for a long period of time with a constant cellar temperature of 12° C. An imperial beer to cherish and enjoy in moderation.

Type of beer: Dark special beer
Colour: Ruby red
Alcohol: 11% VOL
Hops: Exclusively Belgian hops
Wort extract: 24° Plato
Fermentation: High fermentation
Lagering: 2 weeks
Packaging: Bottle 75 cl and 1,5 l
Tenability: At least 10 years
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