De Molen Ton Sur Ton Saison

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ÖL 10.5%


Brouwerij de Molen


Nederländerna, Bodegraven

Skapades 2010-07-07
av lasseg
The Saison style almost disappeared. And the really would have been a shame for it's such a characterful beer. End 19th century Saison was recognized as an official style on it's own. Nowadays a handful of breweries still offers the style and few others worldwide have taken up the tradition. Also our brewmaster Menno created a Saison recipe but as usual gave it his own swing. It's more intense than a normal Saison and besides that it has a substantial higher ABV. But the usual esters, citrus and herbs are still there of course.

Style: Saison
ABV: 10.5%
EBC: 19.4
EBU: 34.5
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