Pigs Fly Pale Ale

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American Pale Ale
Cascade Chinook
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What is it and why is it so damn good to drink?

As the name would suggest, Pigs Fly Pale Ale is, well, um, a pale ale.

For those of you who appreciate how a good beer is crafted, pale ales are made using a pure pale malt, fermented with a top fermenting ale yeast. This very clever yeast allows a faster and warmer fermentation than a lager, and the pale malt gives the beer its golden-copper colour. This warmer fermentation process allows for the formation of esters. Esters give the brew a distinct fruity or citrus aroma. Special yeast strains can also be used to give a nutty or savoury character.

What about that fantastic taste? Well it’s all down to the hops. Hops give beer a bit of backbone and character. We use two types of hops in Pigs Fly Pale Ale. Cascade hops which give it that fruity, floral taste at the front of your palate, while the chinook hops bring it all home with a unique bitterness at the back.

What’s in Pigs Fly Pale Ale?

A traditional top fermenting London Ale yeast creates a beer with a silky fine mouthfeel, fruity esters and slight sweetness.

A unique blend of pale and crystal malts is used to produce a distinctive copper colour. Malts are made from the finest Australian barley.

Two types of hops are used in the Pigs Fly Pale Ale: Chinook hops give the brew it unique bitterness and crisp finish whilst Cascade hops impart aromas of peach and apricot.

A copper/golden colour with good carbonation and creamy white head with good retention.

Slightly floral with fruity, lychee and apricot characters. Cascade hops contribute to a distinct zesty – citrus aroma.

Fruit characters initially evident balanced by fresh zesty hop characters. A firm tight mouthfeel and bitterness with a nutty-yeasty flavour, balanced by fruity peach and apricot characters. Medium carbonation allows full appreciation of the flavour. Subtle lingering bitterness.

Pigs Fly Pale Ale is a unique style Australian Ale handcrafted in small batches. Best served chilled to 5ºC in a glass.
2010-09-27 5

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