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Clydesdale AB
Skapades 2007-12-10 av iglaset
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Type: Blended Scotch Whisky. A blend of Scotch grain whisky and malt whisky (50/50%).
Tasting Notes: Sweet, delicate and very smooth on the palate, with flavours of vanilla-cream, cereals, and sweet oakiness.
Lead Distilleries: Malt whiskies: Cragganmore, Linkwood, Glen Elgin. Grain whiskies: Cambus, Cameron Bridge.
Casks: 100% first-fill Bourbon barrels.
Bottling Details: 40%. Not chill filtered, natural colour.
My Tasting Notes: “Blended Scotch whiskies (that is, blends of grain whisky and malt whisky) are terribly misunderstood. Ours shows you why the 19th century whisky blenders started combining these two types of whisky to begin with: to create delicious, gulpable, elegant, lighter style whiskies for everyday drinking. The reason ours wins so many awards is that we do it right: blending soft and fruity malt whiskies on a bed of rich and sweet grain whiskies. It's really the quality of our grain whiskies that makes ASYLA so special. There is no other blended Scotch whisky that uses grain whiskies of this quality. All whiskies from top notch American oak casks. Delicious. If you love whisky, this should be your house whisky.”
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