Mahr's a.U. Ungespundet Naturtrüb

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Mahr's Bräu



Skapades av shaitan
After “A” comes “U”.

The “U” stands for “Ungespundet”, which means unfiltered and outrageously good. Simply pronounced, “Ahh Ooo”, like the two vowels, means you would like a U beer. No language skills required, and you finally have a great beer that doesn’t take a long time to order. What comes to your table, if one orders a U? You’ll get an extraordinary, yeast-turbid specialty beer with a full-bodied smooth-malt character. Pleasantly tart and lightly carbonated, it is a beer that goes just as well with a good meal as it does with a relaxing evening after work. Did somebody say, “cult beer”? Yeah, why not. That’s fine with us. Sure, you could always say “one” U. But experience has taught us that that’s rarely the case.

Mahrs Bräu U beer pairing recommendation: with cold cut platters, Eisbein/Haxen, hearty dishes with dark meat.
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ungefär ett år sedan (2018-07-30 09:36)
Jag har nog betygsatt den här på fel artikel tidigare. En av mina favoriter i alla fall, disig med låg kolsyra och lite ruffig men ändå välbalanserad. Kvalitetsöl från Bamberg. Betyg;8