Drie Fonteinen Blauwe Bosbes

ÖL 6.2%
Skapades av Myspanda
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Spontanjäst Barrel aged
Lambic - Frukt
Senaste betygen
44th blend of the 2018-2019 season. The final fruit intensity is 350 grams of fruit per liter of Blauwe Bosbes lambik. 100% 3 Fonteinen. # of bottles: 904

3 Fonteinen Blauwe Bosbes is a blend of young lambic, wild bluberries from Sweden, and a small amount of lambic wort for continued bottle fermentation. It is bottled in 75cl bottles and its ABV varies by blend. It is the first large scale commercial release of a blueberry lambic by 3 Fonteinen.

History / Other Notes
Blauwe Bosbes was released in 2019 to the Swedish market. After having received 500 kilograms of wild blueberries in September of 2018, two different blends were created featuring 250 kilograms of fruit macerated in oak barrels for over 5 months. These bottlings were released in cooperation with 3 Fonteinen's Swedish importer, Brill.