Dugges Blueberry

ÖL 4.8%
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Sour Ale
Senaste betygen
2020-12-05 4
Label text:
Our single fruit sour series is a range of beers that we brew to each time showcase a specific fruit, to really let it shine. This because, what does a fruit in a beer really taste like? For this iteration we took our puckering sour and then added sooo many blueberries. So, so many blueberries. Blueberry!

Story text:
We’ve done a lot of sour beer here at Dugges. We’ve done some many taste variants with fruit and spices that we’ve lost count. And, we’ve played around with malt bills, yeasts, levels of alcohol and acidity to the point that we almost though we’d tried everything.
One thing we hadn’t done though, weirdly enough, was to focus on one single fruit; to methodically go through fruit by fruit to see how they work and would taste in a sour beer. So, that’s how this new single fruit series started. Blueberry is the fifth fruit out but there’ll be many more. Cheers!
2020-12-05 4

Blå/rosa öl med rosa skum med små bubblor. Doften är massor av blåbär, otroligt mycket blåbär... Smaken är inte lika mycket blåbär som doften och även här är det kemsikt och trist. Håller tummarna för Cherry nu, tur jag inte köpte äpple....