Glenmorangie The Astar

SPRIT 57.1%
Moët Hennessy Sverige AB
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57.1% non chill-filtered

Sunlit gold

The gentle aroma of lemon blossom melds with warm, clear honey. A waft of soft pine resin, released by the heat of the sun, carries the tang of sea-salt beyond. Glenmorangie ASTAR lives up to its name. Meaning ‘journey’ in Gaelic, the initial destination is the rustic charms of Provence on the Mediterranean coast, with its fields of roses and wild mint. Next, Provence meets the sophistication of the Cote D’Azur. Here we discover the crisp and creamy juxtapostion of burnt sugar-topped crème brulee with the snap of toasted almonds enrobed in vanilla milk chocolate. The aromatic complexity of cinnamon and aniseed are a reminder of the influence of Africa, almost visible on the horizon, just across the sea.

Travel further by adding water, to the tropics – where the cool creaminess of pina colada melts into soft poached peaches and pears, served with vanilla ice cream. Overlaying this is the signature scent of the Spice Islands – cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger – all dripping with golden syrup.

The sweetness and warmth of honey drizzled over the tongue, with the crispy-creamy texture and flavour of crème brulee feels light and almost foam-like on the tongue. A fresh, fruity burst of pineapple is softened by apricots and poached pears smothered in crème anglaise. The richness of buttery fudge emerges, with the dense, oily flavour of hazelnuts. Spices warm the tongue – cinnamon and nutmeg – balanced by the lemony sweetness of a crisp nectarine. Then, like an intake of fresh mountain air, the palate is cooled by fresh mint.

A lingering honeyed sweetness, with the impression of sugar-sprinkled almond biscuits, creamy coconut ice and the faintest trace of aniseed.
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