Almanac Farmers Reserve Strawberry

ÖL 7%
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Sour Ale
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2015-07-25 9
Farmer’s Reserve Strawberry

7% ABV | 375ml bottles & limited draft
Available March 2015

A celebration of the summer harvest, this blond sour ale is loaded with coastal Seascape Strawberries grown at Dirty Girl Farms in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains. These delicious juicy berries are swept by cool evening ocean breezes and drenched in warm daytime sun before being hand-picked and added to this tart and refreshing ale. Enjoy paired with classic charcuterie and summer salads.

Farm to Barrel

Our Farm To Barrel beers build on the eons old tradition of aging beers in oak casks. Farmer’s Reserve Strawberry is a golden ale fermented with our house sour culture. After primary fermentation, the beer is racked into wine barrels on top of mounds of freshly picked Santa Cruz Strawberries. After many months of maturing in the barrels, the beer takes on a luscious subtle pink tone, luscious flavors and a lip smacking tartness. Farmer’s Reserve Strawberry is alive in the bottle and will continue to mature gracefully for years. Pair with classic charcuterie, rich triple cream cheeses and summer salads.
2015-07-25 9

Mums! Mycket fin suris med jordgubbar, dock är de inte så tydlig i smaken (eller färgen) Men den är så god! Stor del vinäger lite lätt fruktighet och man borde ha köpt fler!