Harpoon Munich Dark

ÖL 5.6%
Skapades 2007-09-13 av iglaset
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Münchener dunkel
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2007-09-30 6
The name of this Harpoon beer leaves little to the imagination: it is dark in color and its origins are in Munich. The Munchen Dunkel style, as it is known, was brewed throughout the Bavarian region of Germany with a notable presence in the cities of Kulmback and Erlanger as well. Munchen Dunkel is considered the traditional beer of Munich and can be found in taverns throughout the city and region. Although this style has been around for centuries, it enjoyed its height of popularity in the 1800’s, primarily from 1840 to 1890. Today this style can encompass a wide range of dark lagers.

Most beers brewed in this style can be described as having a toasted or chocolate flavor with low bitterness and little hop aroma. Each brewery, however, takes creative license in crafting their own beer by varying the color, malt, and hopping rate. The Harpoon Brewery is no exception.

Style: Munchen Dunkel
History: brewed since 1998
Orig. Gravity: 14.5 P
Color: Mahogany 80 EBC
ABV: 5.5%
IBU’S: 35
Pairing suggestions: shellfish, game, chocolate desserts

Harpoon Munich Dark is a blend of dark malts that creates a deeper hue than some other beers brewed in this style. The grains which create a malty chocolate-like flavor also add a warm malty nose that mingles with the subtle hop aroma. This medium bodied beer is balanced quite well with a moderately bitter hop finish.

The overall character is rich malt and chocolate balanced with a crisp hop bitterness.
2007-09-30 6