Silly Double Enghien Brown

ÖL 8.0%
Skapades 2009-05-07 av lasseg
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Regional style top fermentation beer.

Colour: Amber colouring 24 EBC.
Ingredients: Water, pale ale malt, caramel malt, aromatic malt, sugar, yeast, Kent hop, hallertau hop.
Density: 8% ABV 17.5° Plato.
Packaging: 33cl, 75cl Apo bottles.
Drinking temperature: serve between 5 and 9° C.
Storage: very long time under normal storage conditions.
Taste comments: Its aroma is unique and stems from a rather exceptional blend of malts. Its taste is a delight to the palate as it is to the nose and it leaves an unforgettable memory lingering
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