Silly Enghien Noël Triple Blonde

ÖL 9.0%
Skapades 2009-05-08 av lasseg
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Regional triple style top fermentation beer fermented again in bottles.

Colour: Light colouring 10.2 EBC.
Ingredients: Water, pale al malt, sugar, yeast, Kent hop, hallertau hop.
Density: 9% ABV 20° Plato.
Packaging: 33cl Apo bottle.
Drinking temperature: serve between 5 and 8° C.
Storage: very long time under normal storage conditions.
Taste comments: A flavour that juggles both freshness and warmth, combining noticeable bitterness. The first swallow covers the entire palate where it releases a new invigorating and vanilla sensation with a hint of spice.
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