Daleside Morocco Ale

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ÖL 5.5%




Storbritannien, England

Skapades 2008-10-01
av iglaset
This is a very dark, rich and mysterious ale brewed to an ancient recipe dating back to Elizabethan times. Full bodied, malty with spicy overtones this complex beer is only brewed occasionally. Enjoy a bottle as the perfect end to a perfect meal.
The recipe for Morocco Ale is believed to date from Elizabethan times. Colonel John Grahme of Levens was a courtier to James II and the name 'Morocco Ale' may have been associated with the dark Moors who came to the court when Catherine of Breganza married Charles II and brought Tangiers as part of her dowry.
Every May-time until 1877, the unique, dark, spiced Morocco Ale, matured for 21 years, was served at a great feast held in Levens Gardens. The guests were required to stand on one leg and empty in a draught a tall constable glass filled with 'Morocco' whilst pledging to the ancient house "Luck to Levens whilst t'Kent flows"
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nästan 12 år sedan (2008-03-02 09:44)
Kunde inte dricka hela flaskan. Kardemumma..yök.
ungefär 12 år sedan (2008-01-11 11:51)
Svår att betygsätta. Tydlig smak av ingefära som är god första klunken men som blir påträngande och jobbig i slutet på flaksan.