Stone Notorious P.O.G

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ÖL 4.5%


Stone Brewing Co.



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Stone Notorious P.O.G. Berliner Weisse
Fresh, tropical & damn tasty
Style Berliner Weisse
Alc/Vol 4.7%
IBUs 7
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We’ve had plenty of fan-favorite beers over the years, but few have garnered the cult-like adoration of this one. Stone Notorious P.O.G. was originally brewed at our 10bbl Liberty Station brewhouse in San Diego, as a collaboration with comedian / actor Jonah Ray. It’s a tribute to the passion fruit, orange and guava juice (aka POG) he grew up drinking in Hawaii. This Berliner Weisse-style ale is loaded with the aforementioned trifecta of fresh, tropical fruits, making for a unique flavor that’s tart and refreshing yet deeply rich and complex. It’s as ridiculously tasty as it is deliciously unique.
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