Stone Notorious P.O.G

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ÖL 4.5%


Stone Brewing Co.



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Stone Notorious P.O.G. Berliner Weisse
Fresh, tropical & damn tasty
Style Berliner Weisse
Alc/Vol 4.7%
IBUs 7
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We’ve had plenty of fan-favorite beers over the years, but few have garnered the cult-like adoration of this one. Stone Notorious P.O.G. was originally brewed at our 10bbl Liberty Station brewhouse in San Diego, as a collaboration with comedian / actor Jonah Ray. It’s a tribute to the passion fruit, orange and guava juice (aka POG) he grew up drinking in Hawaii. This Berliner Weisse-style ale is loaded with the aforementioned trifecta of fresh, tropical fruits, making for a unique flavor that’s tart and refreshing yet deeply rich and complex. It’s as ridiculously tasty as it is deliciously unique.
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ungefär en månad sedan (2019-08-13 19:01)
Gult disigt öl med stort vitt skum med små små bubblor. Doften är passionsfrukt. Smaken är syrlig och passionsfrukt. Det kunde ju vara så bra, men just nu känns det mer 'mäh' och lite metallsmak...