Rooie Dop

Land Nederländerna

Rooie Dop is a brewery started by three friends with a passion for craft beers. After years of traveling around the globe to find and taste obscure brews, we decided to take brewing into our own hands.
We love the aggressiveness of beers like American west-coast IPAs, but also funky belgian saisons or thirst-quenching German Hefeweizens gain our utmost respect.
So, what’s more fun than try to create these kind of beers ourselves? And that’s exactly what we want to do: try to create awesome beer and have lots of fun!

Currently, we brew our beers at Brouwerij de Molen, where we get lots of help from the de Molen crew. The test series are brewed at our small homebrew-setup located in our brewdungeon: an old wharf-cellar at the canals of Utrecht. They show a glance of what we might have to offer in the future.

The brewers

Grumpy classic beer style conservative. The first beer he came into contact with was the Grolsch Special Malt. Keeping the others with their feet on the ground. Will discover the next beer classic according to himself. We know better.

Next best thing in brewing. Born and raised in the province of Limburg, that’s why he loves moderate German lager. Every new recipe he creates, he’s been shouting this is going to be the best beer ever. Doesn’t live up to his reputation most of the times. Occasionally, he hits the sweet spot.

IBU extremist. Growing up with lukewarm pint of beer cans at the many music festivals where he went in his childhood. Made his first steps in the brewing world in a local squat. Always trying to find the borders of extreme brewing, whether it’s in IBUs or in crazy ingredients. Check his passport: he’s been crossing the borders too many times.

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