Drie Fonteinen Millenium Geuze - 2000

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ÖL 7%


Drie Fonteinen


Belgien, Beersel

Skapades 2010-06-26
av Casa
Geuze is produced by mixing one-year old, two- and three-year old Lambik. 'Young' Lambik contains fermentable sugar, while old Lambik has the characteristic 'Senne' taste. This mixture is clarified using isinglass and is bottled after one week. From this moment on, the brew can be called Geuze. The secondary fermentation of the beer therefore takes place in the bottle which is stored for around one and a half year.,
During this time, nature works wonders and makes Geuze a beer worthy of the title 'master brew'. Nothing is left to chance. Geuze matures best in large corked bottles which lie on their side in temperature-controlled cellars.
Even after this painstaking maturation process, Geuze must be treated with the greatest respect. It is a beer which must be poured and served gently and carefully. The old Belgian saying that "craftsmanship is mastership" is true for Geuze more than for any other beer.
Traditionally-brewed Geuze has a full and tantalizing bouquet, a sharp aroma and a soft, velvety flavour. It is a particularly healthy drink which is still to this day recommended for people who are sick or convalescing as a way of restoring their strength. Indeed, this way may be one of the reasons why Geuze is called the champagne of Belgium beers.
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