Salopian Brewery

Land Storbritannien

Salopian Brewery was established at an Old Dairy on the outskirts of the mediaeval town of Shrewsbury in 1995, the plant having been moved from Snowdonia brewery in North Wales. It was then reckoned to have the second smallest brew length in the country for a brewery not attached to a Pub.

Over the next couple of years the brewery became well known for producing unusual beers, mainly based on continental styles such as Altbier and Weiss. This enabled it to build up a good following amongst the more adventurous free trade outlets for cask beer, as well as supplying Oddbins and Safeway on a national scale with bottled beers.

It soon became apparent that to succeed in a competitive market a more traditional approach to brewing was required, and that emphasis should be placed on supplying the style of beer that would please the average consumer as well as a consistent product to suit the discerning landlord! To achieve these goals the brewery was rebuilt in 1999 with the brewlength quadrupling in size and the plant generally being modernized.

Special emphasis was placed on consistency and to this end several strains of yeast were trialled until the right one was found – the same strain still used today. Of course consistency is important, but just as important is quality! It has always been our policy to source the best ingredients available – saving a few pennies on malt and hops at the expense of flavour is not a saving. Indeed the brewery only uses expensive aroma hops to provide a more distinctive flavour. Over the years the testimony received from our loyal customers has proved this as well as our strong showing at all the major brewing competitions.

The brewery has never stood still since 1999, sales have grown every year since and capacity has been increased twice in that period. We pride ourselves on the uncomplicated, natural and traditional way our beers are produced, and like to think that our customer care compliments that ethos.

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